Our Team
 Our Story

We started Juniper after our personal experiences with mental health intersected with the realization of the immense challenges that clinicians face every day. We've grown up with close family and friends deeply involved in autism, Down syndrome, depression, and other mental health communities — and while we've seen how much of a difference effective treatment can make, we've also seen how difficult the process to get there can be simply because of logistical hurdles. We're committed to solving those problems by building better practice management software by putting both clinicians and their patients first.

Before starting Juniper, we were close friends working as healthcare consultants in San Francisco with a shared passion for building large-scale, positive impact; even before that, Nathan and Celina became friends while taking the same CS classes freshman year at Harvard. The three of us are now based in Oakland, CA.

Christophe Rimann

Christophe was a healthcare consultant at McKinsey working in revenue cycle management with a direct focus in the autism space. He majored in CS at Columbia and has a Master’s in CS database architecture and security at Cornell; he built a social network app and created a bitcoin sales platform in 2015. He's also a semi-professional chef who loves to cook — he actually went to cooking school for 2 months!

Celina Qi

Celina was a healthcare consultant at McKinsey specializing in operations and procurement for national healthcare providers and revenue cycle management; she also volunteered at the Patient Family Learning Center at Massachusetts General Hospital for several years while studying neurobiology with a minor in computer science at Harvard. She's also an avid baker, particularly of cookies and pies.

Nathan Lee

Nathan was a consultant at McKinsey specializing in sales and go-to-market strategies; he also ran a single-year turnaround of The Harvard Crimson's business (Harvard's independently funded newspaper publication) while getting his computer science degree. He has 2 brothers — one 2 years older and one 10 years younger — and a labradoodle puppy named Sydney that he won't stop talking about!