Meet the Juniper Platform

A single source of truth for all your operations. Built for flexibility and scale.

Connects all operations together in one place.

Juniper establishes a single source of truth for your entire practice:

  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Patient intake system (with custom fields)
  • Session scheduling integrated with 3rd-party app
  • Session notes organized by patient
  • To-dos assigned to accountable owners
  • Digital "paper-trail" and commenting

We're constantly updating and pushing out new features — based entirely on your input. Please get in touch with suggestions, and we'd love to hear from you!

Creates easy accountability with automated to-dos.

No more messy email threads back-and-forth to get something done — Juniper creates to-dos for you and logs a digital "paper trail" for when the to-do was generated, updated, commented, handed off, and completed.

Integrates seamlessly with 3rd-party calendars.

No need to copy-and-paste your patient information from one system to another — see and edit your schedule in Google Calendar or Outlook, and then have any changes you make automatically update across Juniper.

Scales with you as your practice grows.

Juniper is built to manage practices with 10 to 10,000+ clinicians, whether you’re a stand-alone clinic or a provider with dozens of locations — with lightning-fast databasing, flexible permissioning, and intelligent reporting.

Greenhouse Therapy Center logo

Dr. Andrea Davis — Director, Greenhouse Therapy Center

"The Juniper team is taking us from zero to 60 quicker than I thought possible! They radiate excellence, business integrity, and a passion for customer growth for the ultimate purpose of serving patients."

Rachel Morse, M.S., CCC/SLP — Owner/Director, Building Bridges Pediatric Therapy Services

"Working with Juniper has been genuinely amazing. These brilliant professionals go above and beyond what we could ever have asked for. They HEAR what we need and turn around rapid solutions overnight!! I would highly recommend Juniper to any clinic ready for a new start!"

Jake Greenspan — Director, The Floortime Center

"Helping the team at Juniper has been gratifying. Every conversation we have reinforces my glowing opinion of them and further reassures me that their primary motivation is to make the most effective product to help small developmental centers like The Floortime Center."

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