Connect your village of care.

HIPAA-compliant chatting and video sharing ensures that you and your practitioner are just a message away.

Message your practitioner — safely and easily.

Juniper is a 2-way secure messaging portal between patient family and practitioner.

  • Chat directly with your practitioner wherever you are — on desktop or on mobile, with no app needed
  • Send images and other small files directly within the chat
  • Record your voice and send audio messages
Demo of mobile version of the Juniper messaging platform.

Share videos, images, docs, and more.

Juniper lets you share and receive all types of files HIPAA-compliantly for relationship-based care.

  • Upload videos, images, documents, PDFs, charts, and any other file type
  • Comment on shared videos with timestamps to reference specific moments
  • View related notes from your clinician to understand the full context

Your security
is our top priority.

All of Juniper's tools are built from the ground up to be HIPAA-compliant with best-in-class security protocols.

  • Fully audit ready with audit logging — we receive weekly activity reports that aggregate operations from all environments for review
  • Database disk encryption both at rest and end-to-end — AES-256 encryption for data in volumes and in transit from beginning to end
  • Proactive host intrusion monitoring and detection — scans deployed for both public and private-facing network of the master reference stacks
  • Security group firewalls — public-facing instances use inbound rules configured in denyall mode, with only necessary ports opened and regularly enforced
Greenhouse Therapy Center logo

Dr. Andrea Davis — Director, Greenhouse Therapy Center

"The Juniper team is taking us from zero to 60 quicker than I thought possible! They radiate excellence, business integrity, and a passion for customer growth for the ultimate purpose of serving patients."

Rachel Morse, M.S., CCC/SLP — Owner/Director, Building Bridges Pediatric Therapy Services

"Working with Juniper has been genuinely amazing. These brilliant professionals go above and beyond what we could ever have asked for. They HEAR what we need and turn around rapid solutions overnight!! I would highly recommend Juniper to any clinic ready for a new start!"

Jake Greenspan — Director, The Floortime Center

"Helping the team at Juniper has been gratifying. Every conversation we have reinforces my glowing opinion of them and further reassures me that their primary motivation is to make the most effective product to help small developmental centers like The Floortime Center."

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