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Patient Responsibility:

Integrates with your electronic medical record system to automatically generate invoices with line-by-line details and auto-charge credit cards on file

Seamlessly pushes and pulls data from CentralReach and other EMRs via robotic process automation
Enables complete control over timing and frequency of payment triggers through custom-defined rulesets
Allows customization of superbill invoices and receipts, including branding and session details

Insurance Change Detection:

Immediately flags a patient's insurance change to the correct specialist — replacing the need to manually check patients' eligibilities

Includes edge cases such as managed Medicaid updates

Clinician Scheduler:

Automates outreach and tracking for schedule confirmation and changes — no more emailing and texting clinicians for their availabilities

Authorizations Tracker:

Flags authorizations needing specialist attention — and automates reminders to clinicians to submit plans of care and document reviews

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