Insurance reimbursement in days, not months.

Achieve full financial confidence with automated billing and advanced payouts, built specifically for therapy clinics.

Payer Rules

>$750M of therapy claims data drives our treatment-specific rules engine


Claims auto-scrubbed, validated, and submitted daily, accelerating payment

Tech Scale

Claim life cycle automation works at massive scale, enabling sustainable growth

Purpose-built for therapy clinics.

You need insurance billing that deeply understands your care.

We analyze millions of claims in ABA, SLP, OT, PT, mental health, and other therapies, giving treatment-specific billing rules

Instead of relying on hiring and retaining your own insurance billers with deep industry knowledge, our automation ensures complete accuracy and consistency of billing rules for every treatment code and insurance payer

Best-in-class security protocols.

Proactive host intrusion monitoring and detection — scans deployed for both public and private-facing network of the master reference stacks

Security group firewalls — public-facing instances use inbound rules configured in denyall mode, with only necessary ports opened and regularly enforced